This Week's Specials!

This Week's Specials!
Bakery Treats, Custom Cakes and Cupcake Options
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Our menu changes bi-weekly, but there's always a delicious array of tasty treats to tempt you in the bakery!


Breakfast All Day

Yes We Can! Frittata - Scalloped potatoes, chopped ham, and chopped scallions, baked in a puffy open-faced omelet - served with toast and fresh fruit $12.99

Wonder Woman Mentality Dutch Baby - A big, puffy pancake served with lemon curd and fresh raspberries,  garnished with whipped cream and served with real maple syrup $11.99 This baby takes 15 minutes to get hot and ready, so please be patient!

She Believed She Could Corned Beef Hash -Slow roasted corned beef, sautéed in butter with crispy seasoned potatoes and topped with two over easy farm eggs, served with fresh fruit and zesty Cajun ketchup  Full Order $14.99 Half Order $7.99 Please note, this dish takes at least 15 minutes to get hot and delicious

Girl Power Baked Oatmeal Square - A warm oatmeal square with dried cranberries, orange peel, and spices baked in, served either on a bed of crème Anglaise or with a dollop of Greek yogurt on top $8.99

Susan B. Anthony's Avocado Toast- Two slices of multigrain toast, topped with sliced avocado, slivered red onion, and two over easy farm eggs, dusted with salt and pepper Full order $9.99 Half order $5.99

Amelia Earhart's Smokin' Buzz Plate - Smoked salmon and a cream cheese schmear on a grilled everything bagel, topped with capers, sliced red onion,& a lemon twist - served with fresh fruit $12.99 

Think Like A Queen Bagel Options - 1. Avocado, cream cheese schmear & Roma tomato $7.99 2. Peanut butter, banana and house made almond granola $7.99 3. Cream cheese schmear, tomato, and bacon $7.99 4. Bacon, cheddar, horseradish cream cheese on your choice of bagel $3.75 5. Cherry vanilla cream cheese on your choice of bagel $3.75

Gaga's Little Monsters Brekkie Sammich - Fluffy scrambled farm eggs topped with cheddar/jack cheese - with your choice of bacon, sausage patty, or tavern ham served on a grilled English muffin, croissant or bagel - with fresh fruit $8.99 or have it veggie style (instead of meat) with baby greens, sliced Roma tomatoes, & sliced avocado

Bagel choices: Plain, Everything, Cinnamon Raisin



Chicken Tortilla Soup - served with tortilla chips

Cup $4.95 Bowl $6.95


Be Bold Salad - Baby greens, topped with sliced Fuji apples and fresh watermelon wedges, crumbled goat cheese, and candied almonds - served with blackberry vinaigrette $9.99

Lunch Specials, Panini's & Sammiches

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Or Corned Beef Panini - Boar's Head corned beef, scalloped potatoes, and sharp cheddar cheese, grilled up on good bread and served with grainy mustard $11.99

Soul Food, Not Eye Candy Ham Panini - Boar's Head Tavern ham, sliced Fuji apple, and cherry goat cheese, grilled up on cranberry raisin bread $10.99

Though She Be Little Monte Cristo - Boar's Head Golden Roast turkey, tavern ham and Provolone cheese, baked in the oven until melty and served up on grilled Challah bread, dusted with powdered sugar and served with raspberry preserves $10.99

Notorious RBG Smoked Salmon BLT - Smoked salmon, crispy bacon, sliced Roma tomato, & baby greens piled high on grilled multigrain bread $12.99

1/2 Sandwich & 1/2 Be Bold Salad $12.99

Strata & 1/2 Be Bold Salad $12.99

Cup of Soup & 1/2 Be Bold Salad $12.99

Cup of Soup & 1/2 Sandwich $12.99